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Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 10 Iyyar 5781
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6:28 PM in Springfield, IL
Shabbat Ends 7:29 PM
Friday, 23 April 2021
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Every Drop Counts


Each year, we hold one major fundraiser to help cover the annual budget. This year, in addition to raising money to run Chabad of Springfield, our campaign is focused on the construction of a Mikvah or ritual bath, an essential element in the practice of Judaism since Biblical times. A Mikvah must offer its users fresh, live, water – that is, water from a natural source. Naturally, construction of such a structure is expensive, which is why we are devoting so much of our effort to it this year.

After three years of reaching out to the community in every way we can, trying to make Judaism more accessible, fun, and attractive, we now need your help to continue. 

As our hand print on Jewish life continues to expand, so must our footprint. 

Springfield, a city rich in history and cultural significance, attracts myriads of visitors from across the world. And while its Jewish population is estimated at 1,000, the city does not have a Kosher Mikvah. 

Today YOU have the power to to fix that! Three generous donors will match every gift we receive over the course of a 24-hour period. This means, every dollar raised is worth $4, your $10 is worth $40, your $100 is worth $400, etc.

All contributions of over $500 ($2,000 effective) will have the option of receiving a dedicated plaque in the state-of-the-art-Mikvah.

Please partner with us to help augment the Jewish programming in Springfield and its surrounding areas, and allow us to make contact with even more unaffiliated Jews.

Our focus is primarily on the Springfield community, including the students studying at the local universities. However, we are happy to help the Jewish tourists and visiting politicians as well.

Our activities include: Shabbat meals, meaningful classes/study partners, house visitation, holiday celebrations, and prayers.



Every penny you donate is QUADRUPLED!

For every dollar you give, Chabad of Springfield receives $4. 

Every dollar donated is matched by our three generous benefactors, to help us reach our goal of $100,000.

Remember: The campaign is ALL OR NOTHING! We must raise the full $100,000 within the allotted 24 hours or all donations will be returned.

Your support will allow us to ENSURE that we can reach every Jew - One Jew at a Time.



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